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To create and develop opportunities for exploring, analyzing and assessing legal, regulatory, institutional and policy aspects of Forest, Natural Resource, and Management from the local to National and the global perspective


Dedicated to pursue mission through an interdisciplinary approach and improved quality of scholarship that incorporates economic, social, resource , environmental, and other societal aspects of NRM


· to provide relevant and timely information to various stakeholders as a means of enhancing decision-making and implementation processes related to forest and NRM

  • to encourage the proactive consideration of forest and NRM objectives

function with autonomy and independence, and aspires to lead policy thinking and practice in India, promoting equitable, inclusive and sustainable solutions to emergent challenges

Long Term Plan (5 years)

  • Evolve into a leading policy think tank functioning as extended arm of MoEF & other Stakeholders
  • Involve in proactive cutting-edge discourse, research, teaching, training and capacity building
  • Strengthen the center through strong collaborative networks and partnerships with other policy think tanks, policy professionals and practitioners around the world

Annual Plan

  • Strengthening of Policy Center (identification of room, with attached Manger and Research Associate and independent stenographer, necessary hard/soft infrastructure and annual budget)
  • Creation of archive with the updated relevant policy documents to develop as resource center
  • Conducting training -workshops on legal and non-legal binding forestry and NRM instruments
  • Develop and deliver at least two courses related to focused aspects of policy for Postgraduate students

Participation in Review and Revision of National Forest Policy - click to Participate Newsletter March 1 Issue 13 - 2016
Newsletter February 11 Issue 12 - 2016
Newsletter January 23 Issue 11 - 2016
Newsletter January 7 Issue 10 - 2016
Newsletter December 21 Issue 9 - 2015
Newsletter December 3 Issue 8 - 2015
Newsletter November 17 Issue 7 - 2015
Newsletter October 23 Issue 6 - 2015
Newsletter October 8 Issue 5 - 2015
Newsletter September 22 Issue 4 - 2015
Newsletter September 8 Issue 3 - 2015
Newsletter August 19 Issue 2 - 2015
Newsletter August 1 Issue 1 - 2015


The Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change (MoEF&CC) has initiated Review and Revision of National Forest Policy, 1988 in view of recent developments in the forestry and other related sectors both in National and International level

Indian Institute of Forest Management, Bhopal has been assigned this responsibility of reviewing and revising through wide level consultative process, which requires active and meaningful participation from all the relevant stakeholders including State Forest Departments, NGOs, related Line departments, Industries, Academics


ii. Knowledge Partnership with UNICEF, Madhya Pradesh and Department of Tribal Welfare, Government of M.P. to Generate Evidence and Address Equity Issues with Special Focus on Tribal Population of Madhya Pradesh
Project Team:
Dr. Rekha Singhal , Professor, Human Resource Management
Dr. Amitabh Pandey, Associate Professor, Sociology and Community Development

Sponsored by : UNICEF, BHOPAL

  • Situational analysis of Pati Block of Barwani, M.P, with respect to Tribal Sub Plan (TSP) planning and monitoring mechanism
  • Capacity building of officials of Department of Tribal Welfare ( Assistant Commissioners & Project Officers TADP) on TSP
  • Child rights manual for PRIs with special attention to Tribal children of M.P.