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M.Phil (NRM) Admissions 2020-21


M.Phil bulletin 2020-21 ADMISSION ANNOUNCEMENT 2020-21
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The Indian Institute of Forest Management is a sectoral management institute, which constantly endeavours to evolve knowledge useful for managers in the areas of Forest, Environment, Natural Resources Management and allied sectors. It disseminates such knowledge in ways that promote its application by individuals and organizations.

Natural Resource Management (NRM) as a dynamic process, is intertwined with changing social, cultural, economic, and ecological factors at diferent levels with a focus on community-based issues. Further, in the era of globalization, many of the management issues are not only influenced by local governance but also by national and international governance/treaties/ conventions. India is one of the responsible nations and signatory to many international treaties related to natural resource management and allied sectors, it has constantly made efforts to upgrade its professionals engaged in NRM to equip them with skills and knowledge to manage its rich natural resources efectively.

Realizing the need for specific skills and knowledge the institute has designed the one-year M.Phil. in Natural Resource Management with a focus on research to acquire conceptual and analytical abilities required in natural resources management. It is therefore important that professionals working in this sector are facilitated to build their capacity in a way that they can contribute to managing the scarce natural resources efectively. The course emphasizes self-learning seminars, case studies, presentations and classroom discussions. The programme is affiliated to Saurashtra University, Rajkot, Gujarat. IIFM will conduct this programme at its campus in Bhopal, but the degree shall be granted by the Faculty of Science, Saurashtra University, Rajkot.